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Psionic Awake » 0.1.2


New addition

Add small items

Gaia Mother Star – Cabin:

Gaia Mother Star – Insect Pupa:

Treasure Trigger Display Icon

The permanent or temporary attributes that trigger an increase in the treasure display the current number of times they have been triggered.


Pony Planet, Tauren Monster, Life 12- “8, movement speed increased by 10%.

Gaia Mother Star, Zombies, Life 6– “5.

In the final battle, the boss’s health is reduced by one-third and placed further away.

Eliminating the Day Demon King has reduced the number of monsters and increased health.

Weapon damage achievements can be completed by changing the ranking to the top three.

Millions of killing achievements can be completed even with difficulty 4.

Increase movement speed by 25% before difficulty 3.

Fire Talent: Ignite and add Fire Spirit to restore speed by 5%.

Fire Talent: Continuously Burning, adding 5% of Fire AOE damage range.

Treasure: Corn Fireball has a range of 30% – “15%, with an additional Fire AOE range of 10%

Treasure: Strawberry Fire Bullet Splits 20% ->10%, with Fire Spirit added to restore 10%


Volcanoes are physical plus bugs.

Map 1 Dragon Ball may refresh to an external bug.

Talent selection frequency card, sometimes invalid bug.

When relocating the Summoning Altar, the option does not have a bug for summoning Rainbow Pony and Pegasus Knights.

Treasure: The camera actually only has a bug with a 5% light critical hit rate.

Laser sphere adds transparency.

The talent required for awakening ability is highlighted.

Volcanoes, grenades, reduced sound level.