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Westale: Peelgrimage » Westale: Peelgrimage is now officially release!!

Westale: Peelgrimage is an ink-and-wash themed survival game where players can take on the powers of various immortals from “Journey to the West” such as the Dragon King and Aspects of Lightning, each of which brings a unique playstyle and abilities that allow you to mow down hordes of enemies and increasing your survival rate with a mix of weapons, artefacts and abilities.

To celebrate the official launch, the price of Westale: Peelgrimage will be at $4.99 but with 20% discount. Let’s get into this Journey-to-the-West world and experience addictive combat.

About the game
Inspired by titles such as Vampire Survivors, Westale: Peelgrimage is Bullet Hell game with a very unique ink-and-wash art style to it. Take on hordes of enemies, evolve your character in game into a variety of immortals inspired by Chinese mythology such as the Dragon King, Sun Wukong and Xingtian, each of which brings a unique ability set and playstyle to the game, allowing you to deal with the enemies in different ways.

Utilize over 200 different weapon, artefact and ability combinations that offer a diverse gameplay loop. The game features weapons that can create a bullet screen that absolutely riddles enemies full of holes or perhaps even a black hole generator that pulls in enemies to the center before exploding. Each character that you can choose has three evolution stages, each of which has its own form and skill set. You can evolve your character using relics.

Key Features

• Unlock 7 characters with different styles. Evolve them into three different states to maximize their power.
• Combine over 200 weapons and items to get rid of enemies in the most creative way
• Synthesize extraordinary relics for a more exhilarating and explosive hack and slash experience.