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Strike Buster Prototype » Warning!Asteroid Strike!

Long time no see, players! We are back again!
We have brought a new content update this time! Let’s look at the details:
The new game mode: Asteroid Blast Mode
New asteroid obstacles will be added in the Asteroid Blast Mode. In comet collision mode, New Asteroid obstacles will be added. Asteroids will break into smaller pieces after being hit by players. Players must always be careful to dodge to survive longer!

The new function: one click sales
Don’t worry about low-level weapons anymore, click to sell them all at once!

The new ranking lists: Hardcore Ranking, Asteroid Ranking
The new difficulty brings a new ranking list, which is convenient for more people to challenge themselves.

The new red gun
Synchronize with the customized red gun from the mobile version, allowing players to have more choices.

In addition, we also made some fixes to the original game:
Fixed a program error caused by an English text error
Fixed gallery UI language documentation not being applied
Fixed an issue where items were still displayed as locked after unlocking them in the gallery interface

We will also update a new character for free in the near future!
See you in the next big update!