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Cult of the Lamb » Vote Lamb for this years ‘Labor of Love’ Steam Award! 🙏

It would mean so much if you nominated us for the 💖Labor of Love Award💖 in this years Steam Awards!

Cult of the Lamb has been in active development for around 5 years now, and grew from the seedlings of some of our initial concepts – Girl Scouts that grow magical weapons, a “make your own hell” afterlife simulator… until we landed on our weird little woodland creature cult game! 🦊

We’ve worked so hard on expanding the game with more characters, new game modes, events, and so much more – and there’s still lots to come!

Here’s a look back at the last year:

  • Celebrated Cult of the Lamb with you all in real life with an orchestra, IRL ritual, and more during Melbourne International Game Week!
  • Had some incredible collaborations, like our Don’t Starve update!
  • Speaking of updates, we dropped ’em! Lots and lots of new content (Relics of the Old Faith), music, and crushed mountains of pesky bugs
  • Ran events like the pumpkin contest and Discord Follower Faction Wars
  • Celebrated our little Lamb’s first birthday, and grew our wonderful team!
  • We’re still going strong, and are polishing off the next major content update as we speak!

And all of this has only been possible because of all the support and love we have received from you over the past few years!

We have made so many wonderful memories with you, and we can’t wait to make even more. This little Lamb has so much planned for the future, and we just can’t wait to share everything with you!


From the ENTIRE Massive Monster team! 🙏🐑