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Slime 3K: Rise Against Despot » Patch: A New Starter Slime: Financial 💵 New Meta Upgrades, More XP for Runs

PATCH 0.5.7

  • Adjusted how experience points are awarded for unlocking new ability cards. More experience is issued for failed runs. Example: If previously killing a late-stage monster (like Killer Tomato, for instance) used to give you 50 times more points than taking down a basic swordsman, now this discrepancy has been significantly decreased. Additionally, experience points are now individually adjusted for each level, with more challenging levels giving more experience.
  • Added 2 seconds of invulnerability after picking up a Gumball Machine (the explosive pick-up.) It should now be more useful on the latter levels of the game.
  • A new starter Slime condition: “Financial.” Starts with 20 tokens and Coin Launcher.
  • 2 new meta-upgrades that can be purchased with DNA points: bonus starting tokens (store currency) and a store upgrade discount.
  • Buffed all starter Slime conditions except “Default” and “Ocular.”
  • Made minor balance adjustments to some levels. For instance, the start of Level 10 became harder.
  • Currently working on 🎮 gamepad support as the highest priority task!
  • Planning less frequent updates, approximately once a month, with more significant features.

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