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Hollow Survivors » New Publisher! 🤝

Hello Players! 👋

Thank you for your support and contributing to discussions about our game. Today, I come to share some very good news and discuss organizational matters.

First things first, I am happy to say our game has been expanding, reaching more and more players interested in the genre as well as publishers. 🌍 Due to the desire for further development, increasing number of tasks and the desire to create the best game that exceeds your expectations, I joined forces with the publisher – Gameparic! 💪

With that being said, together with our new publisher, we’ll create regular publications about the progress of production, which will appear approximately every month. 📅 I strongly encourage you to read them, watch the materials provided and give us your feedback in the comment section and on discord. I hope that together we can create one of the coolest roguelikes available! 🔥

At the same time I’d like to invite all of you to our server on Discord, where you have an opportunity to talk to people directly related to the production of the game, find and meet other people interested in it or suggest solutions/ideas for things you’d like to see implemented in the final product.

Remember- every single suggestion helps us big time and it makes you part of this game 🤜🤛

Don’t forget to add Hollow Survivors to your Steam Wishlist to stay up to date! 👇

See you soon,
Hollow Survivors Team