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PhaigeX: Hyperspace Survivors » Happy Holidays and a Jolly Good (Beta) Update!!! 🥳🎉

Season’s Greetings to all the PhaigeX employees! 🥳

Development for Demolition Mode is about 60% done, but the gameplay itself is functional and playable to victory. We at headquarters feel that it is not quite ready yet for release, so we are opening a Beta Branch for testing this new game mode. Once you got a taste of what the new game mode is like, feel free to give us feedbacks and suggestions, we very much appreciate your input to make this even better!

Demolition Mode [BETA]

Demolition Mode aims the player to break through fortified enemy strongholds, and destroy the enemies’ key structures to deal a heavy blow on their incursion progress. A central structure called a Megalith needs to be taken down to win, but it is protected by a strong barrier. The defense needs to be weakened by destroying four Energy Pylons placed in areas surrounding the Megalith, but tread carefully. These pylons are heavily guarded by protection systems and fortified structures, equipped with deadly armaments to keep invaders away.

In addition, implementing the Auto-Aim screwed up some of the ship’s controls, so we are back and bringing the fixes! These changes are only reflected in the beta branch for now.

Gameplay Changes
  • UI HUD

    – Added UI label under Firing Mode hotkey on how to toggle Auto-Aim

  • Passive and SP Tech Changes

    – Clusterforce’s Energy Cluster charge rate increased
    – Clusterforce’s Volatile Charge Tech Meter drain rate decreased

  • Bug Fixes

    – Auto-Aim interactions with the Comet’s SP Tech
    – Auto-Aim interactions with the Arbalest’s Breach Mode
    – Ship getting damaged during Garuda/Scarab’s Armed Override when Overfix passive is active
    – Certain drone events not activating in Survival
    – Graphical Bug: Ship Sector sprites going transparent when destroyed

To Access the Beta Branch
  1. Right-click PhaigeX at the Game Library list
  2. Click on Properties
  3. Click on Betas
  4. Under Private Betas, enter the code: poweroverwhelming
  5. Select your beta participation to betabranch and you’re good to go!

The time for eliminating the AI menace for good comes near.

Towards a brighter future,

The PhaigeX MegaCorp.