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Time Survivors » 🕘 9 Days to Time Survivors

Time Survivors offers a blend of action, totally inaccurate history, and roguelike mechanics. You’ll embody historic heroes, each bringing their unique abilities to battles across time, all while navigating a rich meta-progression system.

As we countdown the last 9 days before launch, let’s get acquainted with Vincent Van Gogh. He might be the most unlucky genius you’ll ever meet, but his misfortune is your asset: Vince’s peculiar stat progression makes every play unpredictable and thrilling.
In layman’s terms: when you upgrade his stats, he becomes less powerful. 😱

And when he unleashes his Starry Night Ability, even black holes bend to his will, pulling enemies into a vortex of doom.

We all love that Doctor Who episode.

Stay tuned for more stories behind the heroes. See you tomorrow!
Cris 🌙🌶️

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