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Paper Planet » 📎 PAPER PLANET 🪐 is NOW available!



Paper Planet is a planet-defender, arcade roguelike with a doodley, Flash-inspired artstyle. Battle through waves of unique enemies and bosses. Combine items with strange and wacky effects for insanely overpowered runs. Play with 1-4 players, for some chaotic co-op fun!

📎 Over 160 items, with layered synergies
🪐 Multiple Planets types with unique mechanics
🎮 Support for local co-op with 1-4 players
📝 Standard, Creative, and Boss Rush modes
🌱 Seeded runs
🎉 LOADS of references!


After 5 and a half years of development, as I’m sure you can imagine, it’s a difficult thing to find a cut-off point. The game is fully release-ready, but we’ve already had talks of what’s to come next!

1. Localizations – We unfortunately had to remove our Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean localizations for now. They simply needed more work, and we’d rather they not debut in an unpolished state. These will be added back in the moment they’re ready. We are also crowdsourcing various other translations. Learn more about that here.

2. Mod Support – We’ve always known that Paper Planet’s simplistic art style would lend itself well to mods. It keeps that artistic barrier nice and low! Work has already begun on crafting proper mod support with the Steam Workshop. We’ll announce this as soon as it’s ready!

3. Dialogue System – Many who played the demo will remember pre-battle banter with the bosses. This system is currently deactivated. The plan is to further polish and expand on that, while implementing localization support.

As soon as we’ve tackled some of these additions, we’ll head back to the doodling-board, and will attempt to develop a longer term roadmap. There are heaps of ideas already circling!
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