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Slaycation Paradise » 💀 Slaycation Paradise’s new massive free update arrives on December 12th!

Ready to slay away your worries in the new survival mode? JUST 5 DAYS TO GO!

Slaycation Paradise’s new big content update launches into Steam on December 12th!

Here’s what you can expect:


Kick back and relax with five new destinations in the desperate, hopeless lands of the omniverse and endure wave after wave of aliens, zombies, lobotomized cows, and of course, sentient blow-up dolls. Construct your perfect getaway with a wide arsenal of structures from stasis cores to electri-fryers…there’s fun for the whole family! But if a more… ‘intimate’… vacation is what you need to unwind, then kit yourself out with a vast array of perks that will compliment your loadout of intergalactic weaponry spanning from paddles to spider-drone launchers.


What do intoxication, regeneration, and evisceration all have in common? They’re the three things you’ll need to survive and enjoy yourself! Most importantly, regeneration, -one of the many perks that you can choose from as the hordes drop at your feet! The new mode features a new perk system with dozens of fine, aged selections that can increase your carnage catharsis!


Have you ever put your legs up on a beach and thought “I’d rather be in hell, killing demons” -Neither, have we! But a beach and hell are just two of the five travel destinations to soak in the rays, whether they be from the Sun or alien assault rifles!


Now it wouldn’t be complete and utter planetary annihilation without the latest and greatest machinations that spread defilement and decimation at your fingertips! Would it? Featuring the new Groper and Poundinator! No, that’s not the name of the two big scary guys at the Paradise bar, those are the brand new weapons at your disposal that tear apart your foes with a twisting mass of tentacles and incinerate their twitching corpses with a bombardment of inter-planetary missiles!