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Time Survivors Β» πŸ„ SNF Perk #1 πŸ„ (patch v0.812)

Hi Time Survivors,

We’re still buzzing from yesterday’s livestreams – we hit a peak of 1,173 viewers concurrently watching the runs from YouTuber DeepSpaceMatt (and some of ours too).

You can catch the recorded streams on the main Steam page here.

To celebrate, we’re rolling out a perk a day for the duration of the Steam Next Fest. (Though, just until Friday – even we need a breather…)

πŸ—Ή Perk #1 (today): Ancient Latin Language
☐ Perk #2 (Wednesday): New Languages + New Weapon (only in TS demo, not in Chapter 0!)
☐ Perk #3 (Thursday): Retro GFX Mode
☐ Perk #4 (Friday): New Weapon (only in TS demo, not in Chapter 0!)

So, today we’re kicking off with everyone’s dream: playing the game as Nero with the language set to Ancient Latin πŸ‘‘πŸ‘©β€πŸ«πŸ“”


[Gameplay Changes]
  • Increased Claire’s movement speed slightly
  • Added support for the Ancient Latin language
  • Fixed: The Meta Tutorial and other dialogs could inadvertently unpause the game
  • Fixed: Golden Gargoyles now get destroyed when the curse ends

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Thanks for playing our game!
– Cris, DDT, Lele (Lunar Chili team)