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Time Survivors Β» πŸ„ PATCH 0.816 πŸ„

Time Survivors DEMO will be disabled on November 6, 2023.

Don’t worry, your DEMO progress will seamlessly carry over to Time Survivors: Chapter 0, our free-to-play game. From there, all your progress will transfer to the full game upon release.

We deeply appreciate your support and the valuable feedback you’ve provided.
Stay tuned for updates about the full game release and remember to wishlist it for the latest news!

Several gameplay improvements in today’s patch!


[Gameplay changes]
  • Crossbow weapon: fixed regression on “blocked by walls” not working
  • Leafblower weapon: now blocked by walls
  • Leafblower weapon: now reacts with Nero’s Boots Of Fire Ability
  • Mulan’s Ability (Hu) was nerfed (was OP)
  • Fixed: Heavy Leeches (Level 9) – if enemy tier is guardian or higher, enemy speed can not go below 50%
  • Abe’s Barrier ability: it now blocks the Giant Plant Guardian in Stone Age
  • Abe’s Barrier ability: it now stops enemy bullets
  • Under the hood changes to support character downgrades (wtf!?)
  • Shrinker weapon: reduced light intensity
  • Fixed: gold rolling time when shopping is too long
  • Performance optimizations
  • Updated localizations

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Thank you for playing our game
– Cris, DDT, Lele (Lunar Chili team)