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Knight Overloaded » 베타 테스터를 모집합니다!

Recruiting Beta Testers for Version 0.9.0!

  • Everyone is welcome to participate!
  • Right-click in the library – properties – beta – select ‘unstable beta branch’ from ‘none’ under beta participation.

※Warning: This beta version is unstable!

  • There may be (many) critical bugs, progress impasses, and translation errors.
  • Your save data might be reset!
  • Some characters (Pirate, Astrologer, Engineer) and many blocks have temporarily disappeared!
  • The weapon’s attack sound effects have temporarily disappeared.

What has changed?
  • Characters’ per-level growth stats have been removed, instead, each character will have unique abilities.
  • The maximum wave has been increased to 20 waves.
  • The firing position of weapons has been clarified, and visual effects have been improved.
  • You can now adjust the size of the damage text in settings.
  • The health of enemies, weapon damage, and shop prices have all been changed!
  • There are many other big and small changes!

hat will be added in the future?
  • Enemies will have more varied patterns, and elite monsters will have unique patterns.
  • New blocks will be added along with the existing ones.
  • Background graphics will be improved.
  • Support for pads and Steam Deck is planned.
We have created a beta version feedback discussion in the forums.
  • Please participate a lot in bug reports, feedback, ideas, etc., anything is welcome ^3^!