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Westale: Peelgrimage » 【Happy New Year!】 Steam Community Item is ready to drop!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone’s wishes can come true in 2024.

In the first update of 2024, we fixed several serious bugs and optimized the operation of controllers to bring you a better gameplay experience, but also, Steam community items is ready to drop! Mask Badges, Trading Cards of different characters, profile background and funny emotions are waiting for you! Jump into the game and start the first game of Westale: Peelgrimage in the New Year!

Here are the contents of this update:

New Contents

1. Steam Community items released!

Optimization of Functions

1. Doubled the size of void generated by Void Palm Fan.
2. Doubled the area of detonation effect of Bottle of Void.
3. Optimized operation of controller and added controller prompts.
4. Now Westale: Peelgrimage can run in the background.
5. Added count limitation text into the description of Gust item.
6. Added descriptions of mobs in collection.
7. Steam Achievement “Mass Culler” will display current count of mobs that player had slain.

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue where resolution will be changed after closing the setting panel during game.
2. Fixed an issue where the skill effect of Candana will be duplicated when obtain Clones.
3. Fixed an issue where the SE of avatar misplaced in the Mountain East.
4. Fixed an issue where position will abrupt change when Boah moves.
5. Fixed the incorrect positioning issue of Sharp-eyed Rabbit’s light beams when player is in transformation.
6. Fixed a text overlap issue in collection.
7. Fixed an issue where player don’t take damage outside the ring during transformation.
8. Fixed an issue where the cooldown of trident glaive not work properly.