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Infinite Tao » 【0616】Update

New Character
Jian Wei: All Magic Treasure Projectile replaced with Swords (ATK 35, Duration 1.8s)

(6) Di, Add Effect: Vaule of Spirit Stone per pickup +2;
(6) Yang → (5) Yang;
(3) Water: Enemy health reduced 5% → 6%

(3) Wood Crit Chance +20%, Dodge +8%
(6) Wood Crit Chance +40%, Dodge +10%
(9) Wood Dodge Chance +32%, Dodge Attack Chance +50%
Dodge Limit: 90%

Magic Treasure
Spiritual Bell: Spiritual Energy Pickup Range + 20/30/40%, Spirit Stone pick-up Distance + 1/2/4 (Blue)
Adjust [Spirit Shoes] : Ren, Earth, Wood, Passive: Speed +20/30/50%, Dodge +7/14/28% (Purple)
Adjust [Thousand-Year Ginseng] Synergie: Ren, Earth
Adjust [Sunny Ring] Synergie: Tian, Ren, Wood

Soul Steps: Add effect Dodge +8%
Gui Yuan Art: Add effect Vaule of Spirit Stone per pickup +1
Fire Art: Additional fixed damage per attack +4 → +8
Illusion of Mercy Art: ATK Reduce -28% → -20%
Undesired Art: ATK Reduce -18% → -10%
The Madman Sutra: ATK +20% → +30%
Heart Art: HP +40% → +47%

New Elixir
Cinnabar Elixir: Turn the Elixir into Talisman