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Samurai Survivors » ✨1.5.0 – New Weapon Set Update! ✨

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since the last update and I’ve been doing a lot of quality changes & been working on new stuff so this update is PACKED with new stuff! Along with the update, we’re discounting the game by %30 for the rest of the SHMUP festival!

First of all, a new weapon set: Jade Weapons. It contains 4 new jade-themed techniques and a new starting weapon! Let’s get into it:

Ten Blades Of The Emperor

Send multiple flying jade blades in the targeted direction

Cursed Magatama

Curses a random nearby enemy and turns them into a jade statue. When broken, it curses another enemy. Enemy must be alive while cursing

Fury of The Jade Dragon

Slash in the targeted direction. On every 4th slash, swing the weapon around yourself and deal 2x damage

Howling Bell

Slows down pushable enemies on the map for 5 seconds

Starting Weapon: Imperial Guards

Create a statue that attacks nearby enemies and heals you. On expire, collects the nearby experience

A New Mechanic For The Eastern Castle (3rd Map)

The 3rd map always felt a bit simple compared to the other two maps. And breaking down the door wasn’t that rewarding for its trouble. So I decided to add another mechanic to the map.

There are three cannons in front of the castle. Once you break the door, you can steal cannonballs from inside the castle and carry them to the cannons. Then cannons start shooting nearby enemies! They deal 1500 damage to every enemy inside the explosion radius. When they run out of ammunition, you can resupply them again. They’re especially useful in early-mid game.

Various New Stuff:
  • Added a Restart button for the main menu. You’ll gain a soul reward if you restart immediately after you die. No need to wait for the defeat screen anymore!
  • A new Brightness option in the Options menu
  • Unlocked codex entries now will give you %5 more damage against that type of enemy
  • Added scale and rotation animations to both enemies and your character. Now they squash and stretch when damaged or during an attack!
  • A new technique test system. When you unlock a new technique, it will be given to you as a level-up option in the next game
  • Cost of unlocking a new technique reduced (from 120 per level to 60 per level)
  • Now, as you gain walking speed, the camera zooms out so you can see where you’re going
  • Some ranged enemies will flee from you when you get close! They developed a new type of fear called Samuraiphobia
  • Now, there is a health bar attached to the door in Eastern Castle so you can see how much health it has left.

New Localizations: Chinese, Russian, and Japanese!

Thanks to the incredible work done by Locpick, you can now play Samurai Survivors in these languages! If you want the game localized in your language let me know!
The Russian language was added thanks to a Russian streamer who played the game last month. I can’t seem to find who it was though!

New Music

The composer of the project and my friend Oguzhan did another piece of music for the game. Check it out:

Bug Fixes & Changes:
  • Game prices in TRY and ARS will be increased (after the festival)
  • Fixed the combination bug for Ghost Walker with ghost slasher
  • Fixed Walk particles render order
  • Fixed the bug that causes values in options to change by increments of 2
  • Fixed the issue that causes the player to get stuck inside holes
  • Fixed the bug that caused ghost slasher to not copy area size
  • Fixed the bug that causes you to continue walking on attacking a lock in DOJO
  • Updated idle bowman sprite. Now you can see their bow between their attacks
  • Door health reduced from 100 to 50
  • Increased performance during curse level increases
  • Fixed various area size-related attack size and attack collision issues
  • Fixed the blank door background issue at Eastern Castle
  • You can now quit DOJO after you die and still get soul rewards
  • Added support for space characters in technique stats and player stats
  • Fixed the issue that allows you to push past through the door
Final Thoughts

So that’s it for the update! Let me know if you discover new broken builds with these weapons! They get pretty crazy when you invest in them and I plan to make more of these types of weapon sets in the future. Here’s a samuraicopter for good luck:


In case you missed it, I’m also working on a horror game where you have to kill your clone before you die. Wishlist here: