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Mechanibot » ✨ Mechanibot is Out Now! ✨

It’s here!

Mechanibot is now available on Steam!

Play as a small robot charged with repairing the dying sun. Build and upgrade your team of robots to survive against the waves of enemies keeping you from your goal. After an extremely dense six months of development, I’m super excited to finally share this world of robots with you.

It’s just me on the team, so if you’re able to do any of the following…

  • Tell your friends
  • Leave a review
  • Share on social media

…it’d be much appreciated!

I like that the game is out, but will you continue to update it?

Great question! After the whirlwind of release dies down and I find a moment to breath again, I’ll begin work on Mechanibot’s first big update, the Already Highly Asked For: Endless Mode.

Yeah, but what if I want to hear more from you?

Another great question, thank you for asking. Here’s my Twitter, and here’s where you can sign up for the mailing list, where I’ll send out any news about me and my games, advance notice of any sales or discounts, and sometimes even alpha/beta testing opportunities.

Okay, that’s it! Keep your robots safe and have fun!