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Castle of Alchemists » vEA_05b Update

Gameplay Changes

New Enemy Debuff Indicators

Visual effects on enemies for these effects are added to the game:

  • Blind
  • Bleed
  • Burn (New Condition)
  • Corraded
  • Oiled (New Condition)
  • Poisoned
  • Marked
  • Wet
Breakables and Interactables Objects

We have added several new breakable objects to levels, as well as some interactable objects which react to melee attacks or explosions when appropriate. While this items do not change the gameplay in anyway on mechanical terms, they add a sense of *satisfaction*.

New Conditions

We have added 2 new conditions to game; Oiled and Burn

  • Oiled
    Oiled enemies catch fire when they take any fire damage unless they are immune to burn (fire) damage.
  • Burn
    Burning enemies take around 50 fire damage per second.

In combination with these effects, Liquid Flask (Oil) has been rebalanced as follows:
Liquid Flask = Applies Oiled condition to enemies and leaves a burnable oil puddle on the ground.

A rework for “Sprinkler Trap” is also in the works.


  • Selling your traps now always refund full price.
  • Attack speed animation of Alchemical Greatsword is increased about 15 percent at the last attack.
  • Hit box colliders of Alchemical Greatsword is increased in size and made into a cone shape.
  • Bolt Gun Reload Speed decreased from 2 seconds to 1.25 second.

Bug Fixes and QoL Updates


  • Several bugs on craft and respec has been resolved.
  • Bolt Gun Reload sound bug fixed.
  • A bug that prevents Melee Attack Stamina consumption to be effected from upgrades (such as skill or item abilities) has been fixed. Stamina consumption for melee weapons now works as intended.
  • A bug that prevents “Increased Lung Capacity” to work properly now fixed. Previously it directly set your stamina to 120 in game no matter your skill level. Now it works as intended and your stamina in game is same as shown in level up screen.
  • This 2 fixes greatly fixed stamina consumption and the number of melee attacks you can make.

Quality of Life Changes

  • Small Enemy bars now include enemy armor as well.

Stay tuned for further updates, cheers !!