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Strike Buster Prototype » The new version + new DLC!

New shock!

Hello everyone! After another two months, we can finally bring you a brand new content update!
First, the new character DLC debuts
This time the character DLC contains the newly designed new melee girl “Vallen”! She brought nine new weapons, each of which is fully compatible with the previous relic system and the red-named firearms system. You can also rank and customize the brand-new exclusive red-named weapons in the future!
In addition, She also has a completely dynamic skin and bursting clothes animation.

In addition to DLC, Our game itself also has a major update! And it is free to update without increasing the amount!
First, the fully dynamic skin and bursting clothes animation of the protagonist UNO

Then came the new system, the intelligence system. This system not only counts player performance, but also unlocks game character descriptions and dynamic stand-up displays:

Unlock monster description and display:

A whole new gallery system allows players to see more original designs that have not been included:

The new hands-on tutorials can be viewed at any time. If you don’t understand, just click.