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Gatekeeper » Release Roadmap 🚀

Hey, Gatekeepers!

Gatekeeper: Infinity prologue has been released and we are happy to unveil some of the team’s plans for the first months of 2024!

A new game mode

this particular mode revolves around holding your ground in the hostile arena of Aridune, facing hordes of foes and striving to survive even more rounds. Notably, the only friendly elements on Aridune are you, your teammates, and a sandwatch (okay, the sandwatch is rather neutral).

New items & item reworks

Items are crucial to gameplay, and their variety significantly shapes the game. Imagine an item that creates a vacuum hole, instantly eliminating everyone? It might sound unbalanced, but that’s precisely what we’re aiming for! It’s not just about the items themselves, the ways you acquire them will be reworked too. No more shops that disguise as obelisks.

New gatekeepers

We are focusing on introducing 3 new characters, each with their distinctive and unique traits, pros, and cons. We’ll share more visuals and details as they take shape!

New planets, locations, and enemies

Currently, we have two planets – Aurora and Celestium, each with its unique set of enemies and locations. We’re expanding to include two new worlds – Aridune and Purgatory-17, each with at least 3 different locations, 8 types of new enemies and a Siren.

Points of interest

Thanks for noticing the Witness’ eye, indeed, we plan to leverage that and introduce other interaction points to make locations feel more meaningful and detailed.

Other improvements are on the horizon, including a lobby browser and the ability to ping items/enemies. While these quality-of-life improvements didn’t warrant their own section, they’re still worth mentioning.

We hope you enjoyed reading this update and, more importantly, that you’ll appreciate the new content in the game! Share your thoughts in the comments here or in our Discord server.

Wishing you a merry Christmas and an amazing 2024 🎄

Thank you,
Gravity Lagoon

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