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Hades » Post-Launch Patch – February 2, 2021

We’ve continued monitoring feedback and reports since our v1.0 Launch Update, and this patch contains fixes to various issues brought to our attention. Thank you for your support, and for playing Hades!!

Note: 📢 indicates a change inspired by community feedback!

Infernal Arms, Aspects, & Abilities

📢 Twin Fists (Gilgamesh Aspect): fixed Maim effect not always dealing as much damage as expected

Boons & Blessings

Thunder Flourish (Zeus): fixed an issue where most lightning bolts could not deal Critical damage after also picking Pressure Points (Artemis)
Swift Flourish (Hermes): fixed an issue where this would reduce attack speed above Common rarity

Foes & Encounters

📢 Wringer: fixed issue where they sometimes attacked through obstacles
Theseus and The Minotaur: fixed their alternate tag-team maneuver not always firing as expected; other minor fixes

Voice & Narrative

📢 Fixed some Megaera battle chatter voice lines not playing correctly, causing subtitle mismatches
• Fixed several rare issues where certain subplots or affinity events would not occur as expected
• Fixed a rare issue where Orpheus would sometimes not appear back at the House as soon as expected
📢 Other minor fixes, changes, and improvements to various narrative events


• Improved detection for DualSense controllers for some systems
• Improved controller support with systems running macOS Big Sur
• Improved Switch Pro controller support (default inputs now match the console; please check bindings)
📢 Various fixes and improvements to localized text in different languages
• Improved controller selection for Companions in the Keepsake Screen (to prevent accidental upgrading)
• Version number on the main menu now fades out smoothly when loading a game
• Improved check for Three-Headed Boy (Achievement) to ensure Cerberus pets are correctly tallied
• Various minor memory optimizations
📢 Minor text fixes, updates, and clarifications

Bug Fixes

📢 Fixed several rare crashes and hangs
📢 Fixed a rare issue where big slow radiating blasts from certain bosses would be missing visual effects
📢 Fixed a rare issue causing Wall-Scroll, Achilles to not be offered from the House Contractor
• Fixed a lighting issue that could occur when dashing into the Lounge via the Shortcut, Great Hall
• Fixed Exalted Strongbow targeting indicator sometimes briefly sticking to Zagreus
• Fixed a rare issue where the Minotaur could get stuck in his Bull Rush animation
• Fixed rare issues where Lord Hades could be judging shades when he really ought to be on break
• Fixed Price of Midas erroneously indicating you earned money while affected by Pauper’s (Chaos)
• Fixed a minor visual issue when certain characters’ affinity gauges are unlocked
• Fixed minor issues with some visual effects for the Final Boss
• Other minor fixes

Quote of the Patch

‘Although Zagreus is known only in connection with the partly artificial mythology of the cult of Orphism, his story may contain elements of genuine but otherwise forgotten myths.’
~Crowell’s Handbook of Classical Mythology (E. Tripp)