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Star Farmer: Warlock of the Universe » Planets Update – Soft Launch 🪐

Hi everyone!

Today’s update is coming with an interesting new feature – the Planets system – in a very early state (there will be a lot more to come with it).

The Planets system introduces one-off, short runs you can go on to quickly retrieve a few seeds and plants.

To interact with the Planets system, simply jump in your scout ship and fly over to one of the planets in your immediate vicinity to get farming. When you drop into a Planet, you’ll be immediately granted 10 random powers. Do your best to survive the run duration and return to your ship with your haul.

This feature has *a lot* more planned with it, but since it was ready and working, I wanted to get this early version into everyone’s hands.

For a full list of what’s new in this update, see the list below:

  • Soft-Launch for the new Planets feature
  • Improvements to SFX managements to prevent audio issues when you have lots of area powers
  • Rebalancing of the Audio Logs spawn rates
  • Increased spawn rates for chests during runs

Enjoy 🌱