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Atomic Picnic » Patch Notes v0.1.31 – A new Event for you!

We’re back with some cool new stuff for you all!

New Event: Healing Shrine

The Zone has heard your request, and it might offer those courageous enough a chance of recuperating themselves. Are you bold enough to partake in The Zone’s benefactions?


Readjusted cadence of Event Spawns
Increased Wisp Enemy model size
Adjusted Wisp flying height
Optimized the game during times when there are A LOT of enemies spawned


Fixed a bug where players weren’t receiving Pebbles after the match was over
Fixed a bug where the Objectives UI would break during the last Little Mac fight


Director’s Commentary

This was a smaller update, but don’t worry! We’re working on some cool stuff! 🙂 You’ve all already seen sneak peeks of the new Boss, new Map and more Playable characters but we do have some new gameplay mechanics coming 😄

I’ll leave you guys with this small tease of a new mechanic coming soon: