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Luminaria: Dark Echoes » Patch Notes – Luminaria v0.2: Now with More Spark and Fewer Pesky Bugs!

Hello, Luminaria adventurers!

We’re here with an update that will have you laughing while battling monsters (and not battling game bugs)! We’ve been working harder than a wizard in a spell marathon to enhance your gaming experience, and here are the details of version 0.2:

Bugs Begone!

We’ve bid farewell to those pesky bugs that made the game as thrilling as counting sheep. Thanks for your reports, community! Now, the only thing that should furrow your brow is focusing on the battle.
Final Boss: The Conductor of Chaos

We’ve equipped the first final boss with new tricks up its sleeve. It now looks like it’s conducting an orchestra of chaos! Get ready for wild moves and attacks as unexpected as a unicorn on a dance floor. Good luck dancing to the rhythm of chaos!
Store Discounts!

We’ve balanced the prices in the store.
Performance Improvements:

We’ve enhanced the game’s performance so that the only thing freezing is your ice cream, not your screen.
We’ve added small visual and auditory touches because we believe every game should have at least one confetti explosion.
We appreciate everyone for their laughs and feedback! We hope you enjoy this new version of Luminaria, now with 110% more laughter and fun! May luck be on your side!