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9th Sentinel Sisters » Patch Notes(0.5.0)

Thank you for your interest in Early Access.
Thank you also for the numerous feedbacks.

Our development team is working hard to prepare for the official release.
We look forward to your continued support of 9th Sentinel Sisters.


  • Removed the limit on the number of parts you can have and made all parts available.
  • Various statuses are now displayed in the pause menu during operations.
  • Changed the appearance rate and calculation method of upgrades that appear when leveling up.
  • Changed the calculation method of criticality correction and defensive strength.
  • Changed the method of counting the number of times of resurrection.
  • Adjusted the method of drawing lots for upgrade choices drawn at level-up.

  • Changed the font size and color of the damage indicator when a critical hit occurs.
  • Added images to some items in the manual.

  • Adjusted the effect of events that occur in trace reactions.
  • Weapons and parts can now be obtained before the start of combat in enemy reactions.
  • Weapons and parts can now be acquired and recovered before the start of a threat enemy reaction.
  • Blue and red boxes are now guaranteed to appear in supply box reactions.
  • Increased the probability of the Golden Supply Box appearing in the supply box reaction.
  • Adjusted the number of encryption keys required to open each supply box.
  • Adjusted the number of times a supply box can be opened.
  • Adjusted the HP and knockback values of enemies that come at the player quickly.

Weapons, parts, modifications
  • Damage of bazookas, iai blades, and plasma cannons have been adjusted.
  • Maximum levels and effects of parts have been adjusted overall.
  • Effects of drill level-up have been adjusted.
  • Overall effects of modifications have been adjusted.