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Atomic Picnic » New Update: Movement 2.0 and Cross Region Play!

Hey everyone, a new update just dropped in time for the Roguelike Celebration!

We’ve teased it before on our Discord, but here it finally is: The Movement 2.0 update!
Also, as a bonus, another highly requested feature: Cross Region play!

New Mechanic: Super Jump

  • Pressing Space after Gear Dodging will activate the Super Jump!
  • Enables a whole new layer of Movement Tech in the game!
New Mechanic: Ledge Climb

  • While jumping towards a ledge or when falling near it, your character will automatically climb up!
  • You’re now able to reach heights you weren’t able to before, and movement through the map feels much more fluid!
Improved Mechanic: Gear Dodge
  • Dodging near Cliffs won’t pull you down anymore, it’ll pull you forward instead!
  • Improved Dodging upwards while on a Cliff!
New Feature: Cross Region Play
  • You’re now able to play with anyone, anywhere in the world! (Just beware of your ping!)
Optimizations and Bugfixes
  • Significant performance improvements of our AI Pathfinding
  • Other smaller bugfixes and overall improvements

Director’s Commentary

We’re finally able to release this one! We’ve been working on this for a while, our animator had a lot of fun doing some new parkour movements. It was super fun watching the team play with the Lege Climb for the first time, once they experimented it they never wanted to play the game without it again 🤣

The Super Jump is a mechanic born out of a byproduct of our Dodge, where some players were able to do a super jump when precisely timing the jump after dodging, so we were like “why not turn this into and ACTUAL mechanic?” and we did! And that’s because you guys loved it so much 🙂

As always: there’s more coming in the future, stay tuned!