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Dwerve » Mod Hackathon Contest with $5,000 in Prizes 💵

Hi Warsmiths and soon to be… Modsmiths!

We’ve added Modding to Dwerve so you can customize sprites, animations, and stats for the turrets, enemies, and your favorite blue-haired tinkerer, Dwerve. To celebrate, we’re calling all Modsmiths to forge their finest mods in a week-long Hackathon contest with $5,000 USD worth of prizes. Read the details below and make sure to submit your mod on or before July 6!

💸 What You Can Win!

We’re giving away $5,000 worth of prizes to 20+ winners! Here’s the prize tiers:

  • Top 3 Mod creators each win $1000 USD cash prize
  • Next top 20 Mod creators get $100 USD Steam Gift Card
🔧 How to Enter!

To participate in the Hackathon, create and upload your mod to CurseForge and then upload a short video to YouTube, Twitter, or TikTok introducing your mod to the Dwerve community! Here are a couple of mod ideas to consider:

  • Reskin the current sprites for a turret, enemy, or Dwerve to create a new look
  • Craft a new gameplay experience with an overhaul to turret and enemy stats
  • Forge a new turret with a complete reskin and restat of a current turret or trap

Make sure to tag @HalfHumanGames and #Dwerve for your video upload! The video can be short, even a minute or two. Use it to show off your cool creation to others and let them know where to download it. Add a link to your video on your mod’s CurseForge page and vice versa.

  1. Create and upload a mod to CurseForge on or before July 6
  2. Upload a video introducing your mod to YouTube, Twitter, or TikTok on or before July 6
  3. Your mod’s CurseForge page must include a link to the video
🤯 How We’ll Choose Winners!

While we encourage you to share and promote your mod, this is not a popularity contest. Peter and I will select our favorite mods based on the criteria below. Your mod does not need to meet every single criteria, we encourage you to focus on one or two:

  • Creativity: Did you use the mod tools in a unique way to create a compelling experience?
  • Game design: Did you improve upon or create a brand new gameplay experience?
  • Comedy: Did you make a funny mod that makes players laugh and have fun despite balancing?
  • Aesthetic: Did you create your own beautiful sprite/animations for a turret, enemy, or Dwerve?

Happy crafting, Modsmiths! We look forward to seeing what cool creations you come up with. May the best tinkerers win!