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NeuroVoider » Meet our new game and get a loyality discount!

Uh oh voiders!

We’re super glad to announce that we released a new game on Steam!

It’s called “Boo! Greedy Kid“, and it’s stealth shouting action game. We made this game in parallel to the console ports of NeuroVoider.

We hope that you are going to like it!

Consider writing a review
Being noticed on Steam is super hard, and reviews count a lot in the Steam algorithm that makes games popular.

We would be super super grateful if you write a review (being positive or negative) if you ever get the game.

Loyalty discount

To thank you for your ever awesome support, all NeuroVoider’s owners will get an extra -10% discount (which automatically adds to any other discount)!

This loyalty discount will be available until March 22nd.