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Hades » Hades: Nominated for Game of the Year!

EDIT: Congratulations to the winners of The Steam Awards! And our heartfelt thanks to everyone who voted for Hades. While we didn’t quite get there, it’s amazing to have been in the running.

On behalf of all of us at Supergiant Games, we are honored to see Hades nominated for Game of the Year in The Steam Awards! You had thousands of deserving games to choose from, ranging from some of the most spectacular blockbusters ever created, to some incredibly inventive titles from smaller teams like ours… and Hades made that short list. Thank you!! And now, voting begins to crown the winner.

We’ve been blown away by the accolades Hades has received thus far. It’s been selected as 2020’s Game of the Year by IGN, Polygon, Ars Technica, TIME Magazine, and The Washington Post, among others. It earned Best Action Game and Best Indie Game at The Game Awards, Best Action Game from PC Gamer, and Critics’ Choice and Best Indie Game at the Golden Joystick Awards. This is an embarrassment of riches, well beyond what our previous games have achieved.

These accolades have demonstrated Hades has what it takes to really impress critics. So, how about you? If you think Hades deserves to win it all, we humbly ask for your vote for Game of the Year, here in The Steam Awards. It would mean so much to us.

Regardless of the outcome… our experience creating Hades, and launching it to such a warm and enthusiastic reception here, is something we will never forget. Having played Hades, you know that the blessings from the gods are key to keeping Zagreus going. In turn, your kind words and support — your blessings — have inspired us throughout development, and we’re very grateful to be in this position at all.

So, thank you again. We hope you have a safe and restful holiday, filled with wonderful games.