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Velocity Ultra » Curve Publisher Sale 2022

From 26th May until the 2nd of June get up to 90% off an endless list of titles like Human: Fall Flat, The Ascent, I Am Fish, For The King, Autonauts, Lawn Mowing Simulator and many more! Including unforgettable DLC from the likes of The Ascent and soundtracks to bop to!  

And if that’s not enough…. Bomber Crew is for FREE during the publisher sale. Chocks away! 

Battle against Fahrul’s tyrannical Queen with up to 4 players in the sequel For The King II. A blend of Strategy, JRPG Combat, and Roguelike elements to create an epic new experience. Level up and explore as you unravel the terrible secret behind the once-beloved Queen. Will you risk the threat of betrayal and band together with fellow outlaws to end the Queen’s oppressive reign?

Wishlist now and join the For The King 👑 Discord!

Don’t miss Autonauts vs Piratebots; only you can save the Autonauts from the Piratebots’ invasion. Assume the authority of the Autonauts Defence force, defeat the Space Pirate boss. Defend your Settlement, reclaim your resources and get back control!

Defend to Automate. Automate to Defend. Wishlist NOW! The Autonauts need you, Captain!

Golf Gang! The fastest game of minigolf you’ll ever play is available now!

Up to 8 players! Crazy modifiers like low gravity, explosive collisions, bullet time, and many more. Find thousands of unique ways to play, customise your golf ball and race to the 18th hole! What are you waiting for? Grab your Golf club (just kidding, a good mouse is enough) and gather your friends; it’s time to Golf with the Gang!

Hello humans! To celebrate the Publisher Sale, we’re adding 10 FREE new skins into Human: Fall Flat! The Judoka, Referee, Ring Master, Mime, Baseball Player, Football Player and many more.

Grab your friends and go try them on!

Now’s the time to celebrate the Curve Games entire catalogue with the Curve Classics. A selection of some of our incredible indie games published in recent years including 10 Second Ninja X, Hue, Serial Cleaner and many more!

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