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Keeper's Toll » Build 0.6.13 – New XP System + more

Some big changes have arrived in Keeper’s Toll.

Class XP

Gold is no longer the currency that will be used to upgrade Character Class Talents. Instead, Each class will earn their own XP and this XP will be used to upgrade talents in their own tree. XP is earned in many different ways in a run, but in general, the longer you survive and the more things you interact with and the more enemies you defeat, the more XP you will earn.


Gold is now used exclusively for purchasing items from the Merchant. Gold is also now pooled together for all characters. We want the Merchant to become a very important part of any run, especially as we move ahead to Castle Usvit (version 0.7).

We may have further uses for Gold in the future, but it will always remain pooled for all characters going forward.

For players with existing save data, we migrate and convert your Gold to XP on first launch, and then we pool your existing gold together. If you encounter any issues please reach out to us.

Halloween Event

The Halloween Event is coming to an end. Can you slay the Pumpking and loot his crown? We will likely leave the event live until the next minor update.

Future Updates

Since we launched in Early Access we have released a consistent stream of updates to the game. Over the next couple of months we will need to dial back the release of game updates so we can stay focused on version 0.7 of the game which will bring about the largest content update yet. This has been a massive undertaking for us, and we really need to stay focused to get this done. We will still release some updates while we remain in version 0.6 of the game, and we encourage everyone to keep providing us with feedback and suggestions, but our main priority is getting version 0.7 released as soon as possible. Version 0.7 will take the game to the next level and get us closer to the vision of where we always intended to take the game. We have a lot of announcements to make over the course of the coming months, including many good surprises. Just know we’re working extremely hard to get to the next milestone in Early Access, and it won’t be too long until we can preview some of what we’ve been up to.

Patch Notes v0.6.13

– NEW XP system – class specific

– NEW Gold system – Gold is now pooled between all characters

– Added XP earned to end of round menu

– Updated gold drop rate and merchant item costs

– Updated talent costs

– Invader: run forward/backwalk animations are now properly synced in all circumstances

– Invader: will no longer be able to move while stunned

– User Interface: Reset panel sorting order to account for proper layer sorting

– Merchant Item: Bomb satchel, now toss between 2 and 6 bombs instead of a constant 3

– Warden Grainloch: Now becomes more aggressive the longer he’s left alive

– Warden Grainloch: Sundance circle will now gradually shrink over time if the player attempts to evade the Warden and run out his timer

– Bug Fix: when leveling up back to back, fixed a rare issue that would allow player to regain movement on second level up while level up menu is active

– Layer Sorting has been improved

– Adjusted collision on some props in the forest, to allow the player to pass through or maneuver more easily

Thank you for your support. Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, feedback or bug reports. We read everything and will do our best to respond as soon as possible.