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Arcadium - Space Odyssey » Arcadium – Space Odyssey: Exciting Updates for November 6th

Dear Space Pilots,

I am thrilled to unveil some fantastic updates for Arcadium! On November 6th, you will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the hectic world of Arcadium! A time-limited Open Beta will be launched, accompanied by a substantial upcoming patch, all while celebrating Arcadium participation in the Bullet Heaven Fest! Here’s what’s in store:

Open Beta

In the Open Beta, you will have the chance to explore even more content, additional spaceships, and, most importantly, an adrenaline-pumping ENDLESS mode, which serves as the ultimate stage for unending action and excitement!
This endless mode is your ticket to experiencing Arcadium to the fullest, without any boundaries. However, please keep in mind that the Open Beta will only last for one week, from November 6th to 13th. While you’re immersed in this continuous stream of action, don’t forget that your feedback can help shape the future of the game. We encourage you to share your thoughts, especially on the Discord channel: Discord

Big Patch Preview

The upcoming patch will introduce more aliens, additional missions, and an abundance of enhancements and fixes for the game, both for the demo version and the new Open Beta! Stay tuned for more details about the patch upon its release.

Bullet Heaven Fest

I am also thrilled to announce that Arcadium – Space Odyssey will be a part of the upcoming Bullet Heaven Fest! This exhilarating event unites fans and game creators who share a passion for facing hordes of enemies.
Join us in this celebration as we elevate Arcadium to new heights:

Stay tuned for further updates and details!

Interstellar Regards,