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Time Survivors » 🕕 6 Days to Time Survivors

Time Survivors offers a unique blend of action, creatively(?) reimagined history, and roguelike mechanics. As you step into the shoes of historic heroes, each with their unique abilities, you’ll traverse battles across various eras, all while exploring a deep meta-progression system.

Hey, Time Survivors fans, Cris here! With just 6 days left until launch, I’m thrilled to introduce another unforgettable hero – Hua Hu, the father of Mulan and a true force on the battlefield.

Hua Hu’s special ability, “Terrorize,” doesn’t just intimidate dinosaurs – it sends them running for the hills! It’s quite a sight to see foes scattering in fear from his powerful roars.

He may be slow, but he’s loud and incredibly effective!

I’m eagerly waiting for you to experience Hua Hu’s might, along with all the other action-packed adventures in Time Survivors. The big day is almost here!
Cris 🌙🌶️

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