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NIMRODS: GunCraft Survivor » 🔫 Gear Up, NIMRODS – MAJOR UPDATE 🔫

🔫 Gear up, NIMRODS!
Drop into our latest demo – we’ve made major HUGE changes!


🌟 New Features
  • Map Expansion: We’ve ditched the small and enclosed level layout in favor of a sprawling, open alien planet to explore! As this is a massive undertaking, we’ll be continuously improving the map with each update. In the future we’ll pack the world with more interesting locations, enemies, and secrets to discover. We also plan to implement “drop zones” which can enable you to change the starting location of your run!
  • Drone Companion: You’ve now got access to a full-time drone buddy which will use whatever previously-built gun you equip it up with. You can use this to create powerful synergies by combining your old build with your new one for insane combos. We plan to add more agency to this system in the future, enabling you to customize your drone’s behavior, appearance, and more!
  • Missions: Transmission Incoming: “S0S.. H3LP M3 PLZ!” The first taste of quests and achievements are in and ready for a strapping hero like yourself to complete them! Just head to your local mission board for more details!
  • Overall: We’ve shaken up A LOT of things – especially within the game’s combat balance (too many changes to list here). We’ve expanded the early-game augment pool to maximize gun building variety, removed the research requirement on new chassis, and aimed to improve the pace of the early-game progression. As with the other features, we’re eager to hear your thoughts about these changes and the current state of the game!

❓Why the Change?
  • In short, we weren’t satisfied with the amount of unique features NIMRODS had during the last iteration. We went back to the drawing table to see where we could improve, so we picked a handful of our favorite ideas and worked overtime to share them with you asap! As always, please be open and honest about all feedback

Patch Notes

So much has changed that we won’t be doing itemized patch notes like we did in previous content updates. We’ll get back to doing that eventually. For now, things are in such flux we’re covering broad strokes with our Patch Notes:

  • Instead of an enclosed arena, we now have a large, handcrafted map that you can explore.
  • There are obstacles on the map you cannot walk or shoot through, ranging from large wooded areas to small rocks you or the enemies can hide behind.
  • Added map objectives: Travelling to certain places allows you to interact with some unique element at the map. One is obvious with a blue arrow pointing to it. The other is hidden: You need to stumble across it as you explore!
  • Your drone is now always with you. It starts as a basic chassis, and levels up the same way it did when you were playing with that run. (If you leveled up at 47 seconds while making your drone, it will also level up at 47 seconds when you use the drone.)
  • Previously, you could beat the game without a drone. Now, your drone is part of the core progression. You will die your first run, which gives you a drone. You can use that drone to get further than last time, then die, getting a better drone. And so on…
  • Enemy difficulty is rebalanced; enemies are slower and far more numerous than they were previously!
  • Enemy spawning patterns are much more distinct, and will have certain “waves” you can rely on seeing at the same timestamp each time you play.
    Added missions: A quest system that rewards you with credits or research points as you accomplish certain goals.
  • There are no more offensive or utility augments. They’re all combined into a single pool, and the goal is for all augments to have both a utility function and a damage increase.
  • Level ups now come in drop pods that you have to collect before you get your upgrades.
  • Dash no longer goes through enemies, but is much longer.

🙂 Happy Hunting, NIMROD!


We’d love to hear your feedback, survey URL is located here:


You can download the Demo here: