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Froguelike » 🐸 Froguelike Demo Update – Preparing for Early Access in January! 🌟

Heyo, Froguelike enjoyers! We are thrilled to share with you the latest updates to our demo, giving you a sneak peek of what’s coming up when Froguelike jumps into early access next month. Here’s what’s new and improved in the pond:

🐸 Gameplay Enhancements:
  • XP and Froins Revamp: XP and Froins are now collectibles that you need to pick up.
  • Shop Pricing: Shop items are now a bit pricier but significantly more powerful, ensuring more bang for your Froins.
  • Agile and Harder Bugs: The bugs have evolved! They now possess increased health and agility.
  • Mysterious Compass: The compass has been improved for a more explorative experience. Not all items will be displayed; some are hidden, waiting to be discovered.
  • Frog Agility Adjustment: For most frogs, swimming is now faster than being on land, allowing you to take advantage of the pockets of water in the environment.

✨ New Features:
  • Burrow Ability: A new strategic layer that allows you to remove items from being offered in your current run.
  • Bounty System: Introducing bounties – bugs marked with a white outline. These bugs are more challenging, boasting 100 times more health than usual, but defeating them yields substantial rewards. Be sure to look for them in specific chapters for a rewarding challenge.

🔧 Polished Improvements and Integrations:
  • Adaptive Health Bar: The health bar now intelligently adjusts to your max HP and flashes urgently when you’re down to less than 10% health, keeping you alert in critical moments.
  • Enhanced Icons: We’ve rolled out new icons for features like Morph (reroll), Burrow, and Hibernate, as well as new icons for Quests!
  • UI Animations: New UI Animations.
  • Optimized Damage Text: Damage text sizing has been perfected, ensuring better clarity and readability.
  • Revamped Credits Screen: We’ve spruced up the credits screen to celebrate the dedicated team behind Froguelike.

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