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Run Build Pew! » 🎮 Full CONTROLLER Support 🎮

Adding full controller support to the game was the highest on our priority list but due to the game not being built to handle it and not having the technical knowledge to do that sadly delayed the patch,

but while creating our new game Station Watch we were able to crack that code and solve that mystery, and with a bit of magic Run Build Pew! is now fully playable with a controller from the menus to the in-game pew pew action and of course, it’s fully rebindable!

– Added Full Controller Support to the main menu and InGame
– Added a full controller Rebind system
– More Ultra Wide Screens Options
– Lab Tree “Update All Stats Research” will show now what stats are going to change

– Shield Part Gets the right size when previewing the part
– Some Localization issues and misspelled words
– Multiple Game Overs may happen at the same time Bug

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